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Music 101 Fundamentals Student Testimonials

"This class is great and you will have a fun time. Not many professors are as nice as Professor Tseng AND educational. This Mus 101 class was the start of my day this semester and honestly I couldn't have asked for more!" -Evan A.

"I now enjoy music while truly listening." - anonymous

"Because of you I want to improve my piano playing skills for fun! Playing ANY instrument was out of my league before this class!" - Kayla

"I really enjoy Dr. Tseng's teaching style. I enjoyed learning through in-class activities because the professor was always able to guide the students and help us learn. The projects were always fun to do." - Charlene

"You are an amazing teacher and very passionate in what you do. Thank you for bringing this wonderful experience of music to a whole new perspective in my life." - anonymous

"I can now use what I learned in Mus 101 and implement it in my guitar playing." - anonymous

"At first I thought that this class was going to be tough, but once the first week ended, I actually understood everything." - anonymous

"Dr. Tseng is a very hands on teacher! She will do her best to make sure every student understands even if that means walking around to every student! One of my favorite teachers I've ever had!" - anonymous

"There are many great musicians and composers in the world. Taking this class and learning these fundamentals allowed me to truly appreciate the art of music." - anonymous

"Professor Tseng teaches her class at a good enough pace where it is not too slow that it becomes boring, and not too fast to where you'll fall behind." - anonymous


"I came to this class thinking that I wasn't going to understand much, but you truly made this very easy and enjoyable to learn. Thanks!" - Robert C.


"Great teacher, great personality, great lectures, great vibe and experience." - Marco C.

"Learning music is like learning a new language, so it takes time but it needs genuine effort on your end." - anonymous

"Dr. Tseng is a great teacher & promotes music knowledge and I was excited about class every class meeting." - anonymous

"Very good teacher, good learning pace and very knowledgeable." - Sam


"This is a professor who actually takes the time to explain in detail, ensuring nobody is left in the dark." - anonymous

"Professor Tseng is very talented and a wonderful professor. She makes learning easy and always goes out of her way to help her students." - Evelin H.

"Sometimes we see someone playing an instrument and we think 'that is so easy I can do that' until you are put to the test and see music isn't as easy at it looks. It takes time, dedication, and mostly patience." -anonymous


"Professor Tseng is a fun and thorough professor who cares about her students' success." - anonymous


"I am a music major. I have taken Mus 101 several times and failed. With Professor Tseng I finally get it!" - Erica R.

"Great class to start with. If you didn't want to learn piano before, you will after." - anonymous

"Dr. Tseng is such an amazing teacher. Take her class and I promise you won't regret it." -anonymous


"At the beginning of the Spring 2015 semester I was pretty familiar with piano, but taking this class she really went beyond her teachings to make sure we understand the material." - anonymous


"Thank you! Music makes sense now." - anonymous



Posted on this website with prior consent of the students.


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