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Music 111 Appreciation Student Testimonials

"I like how I have knowledge of classical, romantic, and baroque music because I now notice music from commercials or movies that play that kind of music in the background. I really enjoy how I can relate it to music I listen to today and compare the similarities of technique and composers that highly influenced how music is listened to and played today." - Melany

"Your class related my life to the history of music. I appreciate the effort you took to connect us to the universal language of music." -anonymous

"I was not sure if I should have chosen music as my elective, but I am glad I did because Dr. Tseng made me understand how beautiful the creation of music really is. I enjoyed our student presentations because I saw my classmates' passion and knowledge about certain topics come to life." - Raquel

"I liked how we were required to go to concerts even though it was difficult to manage time. I genuinely enjoyed watching people perform music and also majority of them were free!" - anonymous

"I love the music presentation and just the chemistry of the classroom overall." - Sabrina P. 

"I enjoyed learning about where music came from and I really liked the listening portion of each exam because this was the first time I've ever had a 'listening exam', which was cool." - anonymous

"Thank you Dr. Tseng! I have a greater appreciation for classical music & a new fascination for music as a whole." - anonymous

"You're an amazing teacher and student of music. I feel your positive energy has had a great influence on everyone." - anonymous

"After taking your class, I got interested in classical music and I might pursue learning an instrument such as piano or violin." - A.K. 

"I appreciated how organized Dr. Tseng is and how she gives constant reminders of material due dates, as well as the enthusiasm and love of music reflects in her teachings! I've truly enjoyed this class and would continue to listen to music with a broader, greater appreciation and a new sense of interpretation, thanks to Dr. Tseng!" - Anna A. 

"For somebody who only took this class because other classes were already full, I didn't really look forward to it. I had never listened to classical music and had a pre-conceived notion that it would be boring. However, I can honestly say that this was one of my favorite class during my time at this school. I really enjoyed the classical music and you as the teacher. Thank you." - Elias G. 

"Even for those that might not enjoy or even bother to listen to other genres than that they favor...please I guarantee you'll love Professor Tseng's Music Appreciation. It's truly inspirational." - Shajuana N.

"I had no idea I would enjoy the concerts so much. This class directed me to many different concert venues I didn't know existed." - anonymous


"Thanks for opening my eyes to other music I thought I'd never like." - anonymous

"Great class, keep teaching everybody about music they would elsewise never hear." Matthew D.

"I've taken music appreciation before and failed it because the class didn't interest me at all but with Dr. Tseng I enjoyed it and I'm passing it with flying colors." - anonymous

"I don't like waking up early but waking up for this class was worth it :)" - Elena S.

"You are a great musical teacher. You take your time to teach. I think most students will enjoy this class. Music appreciation is a great class to take if you like music and want to earn credits." - Nana Y.

"Your class is AWESOME!! Who better to learn from than someone who is passionate for music." - anonymous

"You are a great teacher, very organized and prepared. I enjoyed your class." Deborah C.

"Read the book, Listen to music. Get an A!" - anonymous

"If you are curious about music, have a passion for music, or both, then Prof. Tseng's course is the way to go!" - Brandon V.

"You provide an excellent service to the people in Southern California. Keep doing what you do." - anonymous


Posted on this website with prior consent of the students.


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