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Mus 322, 323, 324 (Piano II, III, IV) Student Testimonials

"I find it very useful to be able to play the instructional videos as many times as I need. The overhead camera is very effective in showing the fingering. It is clear that a great deal of work went into preparing the online material. The quality is excellent." - student of piano online course

"I am grateful that concert attendance was required. I now have a much deeper appreciation for the skill and preparation that goes into a performance and so enjoy concerts all the more. I started from ground zero and feel that I learned an awful lot in a relatively short time. I look forward to coming home each day and playing on the piano...thanks to the experience I had in your class." - Richard

"I cannot express properly in writing the way I feel when I can look at sheet music and, more or less, sight read it at reduced tempo the first time I see it. Taking this piano series changed my life forever, in a good way." - Christopher

"Great balance of knowledge, patience, and positive reinforcement. Makes for a great musical coach!" - anonymous

"Before coming to this class I did little-no sight reading (in my 10+ years of taking piano). I'm really thankful for the opportunity and challenge of sight reading in this class. I look forward to continuing my piano education."- Gabriella G.

"This was a wonderful class covering a variety of skills: solo performances, sight reading, technique, transposition, and accompaniment. Dr. Tseng is very musical, enthusiastic, and patient."-anonymous

"Piano 4 was an excellent class. Dr. Tseng is a talented musician who loves her craft and loves teaching. She makes every effort to help her students master class material. Students can look forward to learning quite a bit in Piano 4."-Cynthia S.

"Dr. Tseng's classes are for all levels and abilities. She compassionately teaches beginners just starting through concert-level advanced students!" - anonymous

"From no prior experience to three semesters, I have learned more than I ever would have from any other professor." - anonymous

"Professor Tseng is the very best. Organized, sincere, and patient. She works hard with you to help you reach your potential as a piano student." - Hudson T.

"Professor Tseng is always supportive and always there to help you understand. Prof. Tseng will encourage you through moments of doubt and give you strength to persevere." - anonymous


"She is a fantastic teacher! Very patient, encouraging, and organized. Makes you want to succeed." - anonymous

"Professor Tseng is an excellent piano teacher! I have learned and improved so much, thanks to her incredible teaching. I would recommend her piano class to anyone and everyone!" - Jonathan T.

"Prof. Tseng is a wonderful professor who will do her absolute best to ensure that you learn how to play the piano." -Robin C.

"I really enjoyed your class the past two semesters and felt like I learned more than I did in any other piano course." - anonymous

"I looked forward to each class and learned so much. Challenging and rewarding!" - anonymous

Posted on this website with prior consent of the students.







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