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Mus 321 Piano I Student Testimonials 

"I think that the class is a great example of how a beginner class should be taught, having a balance between lecture and the time given to us in order to practice. “ - high school student


"The quizzes you assigned are very effective in helping me learn how to play the piano better, even though I may not own an actual piano." - virtual piano learner

"I came into class with no knowledge of playing piano. But now I feel like an actual pianist." - Michael T. 

"This class holds one of the best teachers. If you love music then try your best. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing your song played just how you wanted it." - anonymous

"You'll love her methods of teaching because piano is hard but it's a wonderful experience to be in." -anonymous

"Thank you for helping me get back into music and the art of playing the piano." - Ysabel

"This class inspired me to learn new things. It will never be too late to learn to play piano." - anonymous


"It was easy to forget I was there for a grade. Instead I was there for the music. It made me feel at whole with myself and that's something I've never felt before." - Elena S.

"Even though I was really scared and nervous about performing in the recital, I am glad that I was able to experience playing on the grand piano in front of an audience." - anonymous

"One of the most enjoyable classes I've taken. Dr. Tseng is an exemplary teacher with a clear goal of helping every student fall in love with the piano." - anonymous

"I was extremely impressed by how much all the students improved. It is very possible this class will be the impetus for the students to become life-long piano players. You took out the mystery and made it all seem doable. You really are an excellent teacher and I have had many." - Liz H.

"Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty of the piano. :)" - anonymous

"If the student has the desire to learn, Prof. Tseng will help to the fullest. It's the student's choice to put in the effort or not." - anonymous

"Professor Tseng is a great piano teacher. I have always wanted to play piano and taking her class has made me want to continue my musical journey. She is there for her students and she truly wants her students to understand and enjoy playing the piano." - Melani C.


"Professional, dedicated, and stellar pianist; all adjectives that describe Cindy Tseng." - anonymous

"I found Music 321 to be an enjoyable class. It required a lot of time, but I was able to see the results at the end of the semester." - anonymous


"Prof. Tseng helped me get over my fear of stage fright and improved my musical skills. I'm glad I was able to take the class and have her as the instructor." - Zeuz I.


"I went from zero piano experience to performing one of my favorite songs. That was amazing to me." - Brandon B.


"Great professor. Very patient. Works with you individually and if you're behind, she'll help you out. Must take at least one of her classes." - Danny M.


"Professor Tseng is a great teacher. She is very patient and caring, and is always willing to help her students. The way she explains everything makes you enjoy class and want to learn more. Best music professor!" - Lucero G.

"Dr. Tseng is truly the greatest professor I have ran into my 3 years of my college life. Takes the time to make sure you are progressing." - anonymous

Posted on this website with prior consent of the students.


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